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What kind of mask strap do you prefer?

We have been having our own version of the “taste great!, less filling!” debate on the Fab Face Mask team. We can’t decide which is a superior mask strap. Is it over the ear? Or behind the head? Of course, it is about personal preference. I wear glasses and like the more industrial, athletic fit of behind the head straps. While my wife Michele enjoys the ease and simplicity of over the ear straps. Easy on and easy off.

A proper fit for our customers is super important to us, so we have added a new option to our shopping cart that allows you to choose for each mask. By default, we will send out the mask with our standard “over the ear” design, but if you prefer, you can choose “behind the head” at no extra cost.

Let us know what you think!

Your opinion is important to us, so fill out our completely unscientific poll below and let us finally put the debate to rest!

Thanks for your help and as always, stay in touch and stay safe,