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Why our product is the best

You will find these qualities in all of our products


Better fit, Available in various sizes and does not hurt. Shaped with seams to conform to human face. Less need to touch and adjust the mask while out and about.

High Quality

3 to 4 layers of fabric for protection. Wear as primary or supplemental face cover over paper masks.

Durable & Hand Washable

This is a garment that you will rely on and wear regularly. They can be washed regularly and reused. Better for you and the environment.

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Life has changed.

Federal health officials have now recommended that we cover our faces with fabric during the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the past few months, CDC regulations on face masks have switched up. The organization initially said wearing the face coverings was only helpful if you had the virus, but wouldn’t be necessary if you aren’t experiencing symptoms. The protocol has since shifted, and the CDC advises that anyone going out in public to wear a face mask. While this practice isn’t 100 percent effective in stopping the spread of coronavirus, it is certainly better than nothing, and it makes everyone around you less anxious in the grocery store. 


Our Process: Step 1. Pick a fabric and size. Step 2. Items are made to order. As soon as we have payment confirmation, we begin the fabrication process. We source the material and produce your masks. Step 3. We notify you once they are ready. We ship or deliver your order.

“The choice of fabrics at Fab Face Masks is amazing. I looked at other sites and they were much more expensive and only one size fits all…”

Coming soon -The Denim collection - preorder nowIntroducing Our New Reversible Masks!

Reversible Masks


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